The night’s intense longing

The restless twisting and turning

Gives birth to the dew in the morning.

It is an answer to all the yearning

To the pain that keeps burning

The dew of the morning.

As it grows, it tends to fall

It’s a courtship that the day does not want to recall.

The breeze whispers that it must disappear

Its presence does not gather any cheer.

The dew that had managed to sneak through the blankets of night

Is now pushed to the edge as it struggles to offer a fight

It clings to its leaf

Though their conversations were brief

They will hold on to each other when no one believes

The dewy love clinging to the leaf.

The breeze now grows strong

It does not take long

For the dew to fall

The dew tumbles and trips

As the leaf continues to flip

The light stairs and gleams

The leaf is woken up from the nightly dream.

But the dew shall return every night

Even though it has to fall in the morning light.

The dew will always cling to the leaf

Hold on to its love even if no one believes.




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