It is really hard to forgive the ones who have wronged you. It is easier to hold resentments and to comfort oneself in the negativity.

The hurt and resentments often changes us. We start becoming the same people we hated, acquiring behaviours that we were once uncomfortable it. We name it adaptation. We need not sacrifice ourselves for others. We need to give up the identity that was born out of the hurt. Pull out that thorn from your bosom no matter how much it hurts.

You need to let go for you deserve peace and a sound sleep. Even if you cannot forgive just forget and enjoy the miracle of today.

I forgive all the friends who hurt me, all the exes who were dumb-asses, all the bitches, all the mean people, all the bullies,all the cowards, chauvinists and the feminists.

I think I should shut up now!!

You may wonder why feminists? Well, too much drama!

Peace… Lol

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