There are some days in your life that you cannot forget no matter how hard you try. This was one particular day in my life 12 years back when I was 16, a cold winter day.

I have mostly lived in Shimla, my hometown. Long time ago when I was in Mumbai Mumbai…my loveand was all homesick and everything  I had written a post on Shimla Queen of Hills – Shimla . Well the post is true for a seasoned tourist and the homesick individuals. But the residents, the local public may not agree with me.

You may be wondering why I’m emphasizing so much on Shimla when I’m supposed to narrate the star crossed wintry story. I’ll come to it but you need to understand the setting. Life is not easy on a hill station. Firstly you have to walk. There is no alternative. The buses and cars can reach upto a particular point but after that you will have to walk. It becomes particularly difficult when you have painful menstrual cramps and more so in winters, with those layered clothing and snow all around you.

On this particular day I was wearing many layers of sweater, an overcoat, woolen stockings, woolen legging and tight jeans over it. I must have looked funny considering my short stature and the chubby physique.  Walking was very difficult. I could take only short steps, the stance that my clothing could allow. I was supposed to take a bus to tutions. The bus service was delayed because of snow and all.

Then one bus came. I ran towards it, resisting all the efforts of my clothes to pull me back. The door opened but Oh my God, it was too high for me to climb. I gathered all my might and tried to climb inside, but my clothes pulled me out and I fell on the ground. Some people staring through the window giggled. But who cares, they don’t know me and this will be forgotten here.

I made another attempt to pull myself inside, an old but strong lady helped me, with great effort I got inside. I heard a sound at the peak of the labour, was it my jeans or the legging that had torn apart, something had, but I managed to get inside. As I secured a seat and passed a glance to those giggling monkeys, I saw my crush who looked funnily at me.

Oh I was crushed and I blushed, nearly missing my stop. My exit was equally funny. I jumped with both legs saving my jeans from further damage. But my love was lost forever. Those were the teenage days, days when Cinderella didn’t get a chance to dance in the ball, days when you convinced yourself that its okay to be an ugly duckling.

Well the story is long lost now but you see so much can happen in winters! Choose your clothing wisely.

Yeah, yeah I know I’m crazy.


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