Dear Readers,

It is Day 12 of our Happiness Project and I’m glad that you all are a part of it.

Happiness is best felt when shared. Its wonderful to be able to share oneself with others, to be able to experience deep joys and to be able to lighten our griefs by crying. But many of us are not able to that anymore. Most of us wear a mask, living a life of pretence. We have to appear happy, we have to appear complete. We have endless tools to connect with others yet we have not been lonelier. We have whatsapp, facebook, instagram, telegram etc. which are creating a civilization of insecurity. Do we really need the approval of others? Do these ‘likes’have to decide how loved you are? If someone is  having so much fun then why is there a need to check in at every damn location! Why is there a need to tell the world that one took a morning walk and is now # refreshed!! Its really amusing. I have seen people planning a holiday to some damn place after seeing pictures on fakebook because they didn’t want to be left out. Its really sad and miserable! I have seen my friends getting pissed if their picture is not coming out properly. Is this why we travel? No we are not travelling.  This fakebook culture stays with us whereever we go trapping us in a shell. We keep getting involved in it either directly or indirectly craving acceptance and approval from others.  Its time to form genuine connections.

I’m not against social media but  I don’t like the kind of culture its promoting, the kind of negativity its propagating. Our emotions or behavior should not be negatively influenced by it. I think its high time to change this culture. This change should begin with you and me. Let’s try to change this culture that is making us lonely and insecure. Let’s spread love. Let’s be original and experience deep joys. This is possible when you are not fashioned by random winds, when you are willing to love and accept yourself completely, when you are not trapped in the idea of a perfect image.

Let’s try to control this ‘selfie’sh behaviors.

Everything is temporary.

Let’s be kind, let’s be real.


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