Dear Readers,

It is day 9 of the Happiness Project and I’m glad that you are a part of it. I hope you are ready for a brand new day!!

Its time to liberate the kid within you. The kid that is free of prejudices and has boundless energy. The kid that can laugh without reason, never gets tired, never gets bored. The kid that dreams and believes in miracles. Yes, you have that kid inside you and you have silenced it with reasons. Reasons that even you fail to understand and make you miserable. You will be happy as long as that kid is happy. You will have limitless enthusiasm,  the world will be a happy place and each day will be a new adventure. See the world through that kid’s eyes, it will never fail you!!

So its time to celebrate!! Its time to rejoice. Embrace the kid within you and let it guide you through difficulties.

I wish you more happiness and joy


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