Every tear that rolls down,

Every tear that hits the ground,

Say a prayer with every sound,

You shall be redeemed

You shall be redeemed.

For whatever hurts your soul shall be released.

These tears are your saviour , if you believe.

There is a count in the heavens above,

Your tears shall bring back the dreams you deserve.

Every ache that rises through your soul

Every fall that wearies your step

Fire a dream in your heart’s depths.

This is a battle that you need to fight

All the angels rise in your plight

For every story begins after you’ve lost all

The storms grow stronger with every fall,

So get up

And push the ground

You have to play another round.

Fight and fight until you win

Giving up now , will be a sin.

So don’t feel afraid to cry today,

You have to start another day.

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